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"...This illness is something that I have had no say in whatsoever despite what some ignorant people might think.
It is ridiculous to think anybody would willingly choose to lay flat in bed, be washed in bed, go for months without brushing their teeth or washing their hair, to lie in bed to urinate while someone else has to put the urifem between your legs and push your bladder, without being able to scratch when you have an itch somewhere..."

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This website is about my life with severe ME.
My name is Ingeborg, born 01-15-1971 and live in The Netherlands.
In 1998 I got the diagnosis progressive ME and FM. In 2002 I also got the diagnosis EA and MCS.
MCS means that I react to all sorts of chemicals like perfume, exhaustfumes, bodylotion, detergent, cleaning products etc.
EA means that I react to electric and electromagnetic fields emitted by TV and pc screens etc. Since I have a ionizer and a TFT screen I can watch a bit better TV and work on my pc; I still get sick (nauseous, dizzy, headache etc), but it's less severe.
FM also called fibromyalgia expresses itself by muscle and joint pain, stiffness etc.
My main symptoms of ME are, except for severe nauseous-making exhaustion: paralysis, severe muscle weakness, hyperacusis, neuralgic pain, sore throat, sleep disturbances, night sweats, temperature regulation dysfunction, concentration and memory problems, descending of consciousness, voice problems, breathing problems, food allergies, nausea, dizzyness, malaise (after exertion), sensitive to light, noise and smell etc.
According to my opinion ME and CFS are not the same, but in some countries (like the Netherlands) the term ME/CFS is being used. Also the term CFIDS, ME/CFIDS or CFS/CFIDS is being used in some countries. I personally however prefer the name ME.

You will find here a lot of informatie, tips, links etc.
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I wish you all much reading fun, because eventhough it's a serious topic it's not always misery and sorrow.
Furthermore I do hope that fellow sufferers will find some recognition and I also hope to achieve more understanding and respect from healthy people/doctors for us fellow sufferers.

Hugs, Ingeborg



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